Sunday, February 15, 2009

CUTEST card table playhouse!

Oh my goodness.... if my kids were a little younger, I'd put this on the grandmommy wish-list in a heartbeat!

It's custom made for whatever sized card-table you have - with your house number and child(s)' name.   That little mailbox opens and the house comes with 4 felt letters to put in!

It also comes with 6 removable velcro apples you can "pick" from the tree, and a removable watering can, to water the flowers.

You can even choose the colors!!

Okay, I know it's $75.... but I think that's a steal, considering how much use I'm guessing this would get.   Check out her store on Etsy - she also has all kinds of variations on this - a garage, ballet studio, beauty shop, post office.... seriously - what if you had her make one for the dining room table?   I'd get in there in a heartbeat.   Just sayin'.

Cutest.  Idea.  Ever.

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Susan said...

THat is so stinkin' cute...wish my kids were still that little! glad someone finally posted always have good info Kel!