Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alternative Vaccine Schedules

Hello all!   I've had so many people asking for alternative vaccination schedules, so I'm posting a couple of them.   These are both pretty "middle of the road" - not mainstream, but not drastically different, either.   

I would personally lean toward Dr. Cave's version (since that's what Tom's doc in Florida recommended), over Dr. Sears', but either one is more sensible than the AAP one.

Click here for Dr. Robert Sears' recommended schedule.

I know, I know... it's that crazy mom again - but there is plenty of real science questioning the safety of our vaccine schedule (despite what Amanda Peet says!) and really, except for the inconvenience, there's no harm.   They still get vaccinated by school age.

If your child is on an alternative vaccine schedule, or if you're not vaccinating until the child is older, you may need the exemption/waiver form for preschools, day cares or elementary schools.  Public schools are required to accept the waivers, and I've submitted these to three different private schools and no one's ever even mentioned it to me.

Here's the link: Vaccine Exemption Form .    See how easy that is?


Roeh Family Update said...

Thank You! I didn't have a copy of the waiver made it so easy!! Hugs!

Susan said...

Love you Kel!!!!

Jennifer L said...

You'll be happy to know that my pediatrician allowed me to delay my 18 mos. old son's MMR as long as I wanted. Previously, when he was born and I wanted to delay all vax a few months he almost kicked me out of the practice. I against the APA's standards. We compromised on a two month delay and spreading all vax out by at least one month.