Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some random tid-bits

I can't believe I'm doing this . . . but I had to join in the fun and offer some info (hopefully helpful)!

1. Story-time at the library with Miss Katy was AWESOME! I'm embarrassed to say how amazed I was at the downtown library (it's been ions since I've been there). What a treasure it truly is! They have SO many incredible children's books - I was blown away. I could have spent hours just looking through books! I would encourage all of you to try it out.

2. Jason's Deli . . . what a deal for kids! Their kids meals are $1.99 and healthy for the most part. AND, they have free ice cream. I was able to eat there with the girls for about $11 and I love their "healthy" approach to all of their meals - no trans fat, etc. - so much better than your typical fast-food place.

3. My new favorite drink (and I created it on my own). Mix decaf iced-tea with Ocean Spray's White Cran-Peach juice. It's refreshing, peachy and the best part is that it doesn't have any high-fructose corn syrup!!!

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Kelly in Big D said...

I was so sad to miss the library!

I am so excited to know about Jason's Deli kids' meals! That ends up being almost cheaper than fast food and so much yummier and healthier. :)

By the way... Mamadeaux - that SUCH a cute name!!