Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling excited and overwhelmed!

I spent the morning at TCA's Orientation for Peyton! I had a mix of feelings as it was almost surreal sitting in the auditorium . . . it took me back to when I was a student and I could literally remember how I felt sitting there 20+ years ago! I'm so excited for Peyton as she will start half-day Kindergarten on Wednesday. I'm also feeling overwhelmed . . . overwhelmed with how many volunteer opportunities there are, overwhelmed with how I'm going to manage getting her to school and picking her up everyday, overwhelmed with managing a new school year for two little ones as well as taking care of two babies! BUT, I am thankful for our group (as always) for preparing me for such tasks . . . and for the encouragement I will receive from you all during our meetings. This is a fun time . . . yes a little sad as one chapter of Peyton's life is coming to a close, but there are so many wonderful times ahead! And, she is excited and ready . . . ready for the adventure! So, here we go . . .

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