Monday, September 29, 2008

Make Way for Ducklings

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Boston to see my good friend Elisabeth. Although it rained the entire weekend, we still had such fun catching up, walking, shopping, eating (lots) and, most of all, obsessing over the book, Make Way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey. I am sure my hip, single-with-no-kids friend thought I was the biggest nerd ever, but I had more fun wandering around her neighborhood finding all the places Mrs. Mallard and her family are in the book. 

Now- I want everyone to get their copy of Make Way for Ducklings out right now....I can wait...if you do not have one, go buy one immediately because everyone should have one of their very own in hardback! 

Now that you have your copy in hand, turn to the second page where they are flying over the Public Garden. Other than the trees getting bigger on the island, things have not changed a bit!
OK- it is raining, so it is hard to see...but the lamp posts on the bridge are exactly the same. (That huge bushy part is the Mallard's island.)

Now turn a few pages to where Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are over the Charles River. The bridge and island are still there...

Again, hard to see in the rain...but trust me, it is there. (By the way, the locals call this the "Salt & Pepper" bridge because the columns look like salt & pepper shakers.) Turn forward to the page where Mrs. Mallard has the ducks swimming in a line and you can see why they call it that! Here is a close up:

Now turn to where the ducks are walking from Mt. Vernon Street past the "Corner Book Shop" onto Charles Street. What was once the "Corner Book Shop" is now a 7-11.

Now turn to the page where they are lined up and marching "right into the Public Garden." The now famous bronze statues are headed in this same direction in the park today.

What fun it was to follow the footsteps of Mrs. Mallard. I was just so sad that I did not get a ride on a swan time I will pray for no rain. 

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